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They took total, complete control, their operators were polite, efficient, courteous, responsive, informative, every operative went up and above the call of duty, my praises do not do their service justice. Strange how we only hear when things ‘go wrong’, never when the majority of the times they are LIFE SAVERS, all my stress was eased by their total professionalism...

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued efforts [regarding medical care abroad] in arranging my flights and offering exemplary customer service. It must be said that the professionalism of yourself and [Doctor] has been greatly appreciated. I myself pride my business on providing open, honest and transparent advice along with exemplary customer service and it’s fantastic to be on the receiving end.

Unfortunately whilst in Cambodia my daughter became seriously ill and needed medical attention. This was a very worrying time for us all with her being so far from home. I would like to make you aware of the unbelievably good service we received from your company, the staff I spoke to on the emergency medical helpline were superb. I felt supported by them, they displayed concern, empathy and were truly professional in their approach.

This is the first time I’ve had to ‘call in’ on an insurance policy, the policy being taken out for my sister. The company was superb. Our family’s treatment in the local public hospital was appalling, yet Inusrancewith promptly arranged for us to have private medical treatment. We had excellent care from that moment on. The insurance company was constantly liaising with the physicians and everything sought was provided for — and quickly. It took the stress out of what could have been horribly stressful.

I would just like to thank you so much for your assistance in this matter. At the time I felt very afraid, very alone and out of my depth. Your email and call and arranging of a doctor to speak with me made a tremendous difference to my safety and ability to get myself out of the situation. I think this is important for me to say and I am very, very grateful

In a time of extreme stress, pain and concern all staff I spoke to or had emails from, were the anchor to what I felt was my tossing boat in very turbulent waters! Learning the process of what to do when one has an accident , forwarding the correct documents, altering flight schedules, requesting the ok to use emergency ambulances, to book taxis etc – the list is endless took me time but I was guided through with sensitivity and firmness that gave me confidence to take on each challenge as it came.

As I am sure you know from dealing with so many ill and hurt tourists, it’s a frightening time being away from home and injured and not knowing what’s going to happen. This was true for us too however the help we received from your professional staff made a difficult time much more bearable.

The change of advisers from day to day was handled well and all relevant information was available no matter to whom we spoke. Your professionalism, caring calls and invaluable advice really helped my wife to cope with the situation. My wife was under considerably more stress than I was and she is very grateful for the regular calls, emails and advice which she received. Meanwhile I was swiftly treated and well cared for in the Hospital.

Everybody purchases travel insurance hoping not to need, I know I did. Sadly on my last trip this was not the case, I motorbike accident left me in a german hospital for two days. Luckily my injuries were not too severe so I was able to fly the day I was released. [Brand] were extremely helpful when speaking to my travelling companions whilst I was in the hospital and by the time I came out practically everything was sorted. A short phone call later and we had arranged flights for myself and a friend to fly home the same day. I will always heartily recommend this company as they provided a professional and helpful service in an extremely stressful time.

When my wife was taken ill, and was hospitalised, I contacted yourselves when we were unable to complete the homeward journey. When my wife felt strong enough which was determined by your doctor/ medical nurse, you then booked our return plane journey. on return to Luton airport, a private car then took us home to Swansea. Extremely good service...

My wife fell and broke her knee 4 days into a 4-week Australian holiday. This meant ambulance and hospital, cancellation of a £3500 trip to Queensland and help planning the journey home - We received excellent communication and service, despite an 11-hour time difference, and the staff, including their medical staff, were excellent and reassured us so that all our concerns re the journey home were dealt with...

My son had a horrific moto cross accident whilst on a riding holiday in California which resulted in a broken arm, four broken fingers, broken foot and three broken toes. [Brand] dealt with everything from paying the hospital fees to flying my son home business class so that he had a bed on the airplane as he needed to keep his leg elevated. They kept in contact by telephone whilst my son was abroad and the staff that answered the 24 hour emergency number were efficient, helpful and caring. Would recommend [Brand] 100%.

I’d like to say a big thank you for the way you dealt with my travel insurance claim when I was taken ill on holiday abroad. Your doctor phoned when he said he would. Your company also arranged a flight and a taxi home for me. My claim was settled promptly and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you – in fact I’ve already recommended you to several friends, family and colleagues. Thanks again – you made a scary experience less stressful!

When we all shop around for travel insurance we never really expect, or hope, to have the need to use it. However, when the unexpected does happen it is good to feel reassured and in safe hands. On a recent ski trip I managed to break my leg, amongst other things. The Team at [Brand] were really professional, helpful, gave clear advice and took care of me from start to finish, including renewing my EHIC card that had expired!. My claim was settled fairly and I am a very satisfied and appreciative customer. Highly recommended.

Holiday last year was a knightmare, my wife became ill and was hospitalised in the usa. We then had to rebook flights to get home. [Brand] have dealt with everything and have been so helpful in sorting everything out when it was such a traumatic experience. It pays to get the right insurance, trust me or them.

Have used [Brand] for the last 3 years after having concussion from a fall while skiing and was impressed with the help I received from [Brand] which meant I did not have to pay anything up front at the hospital.

I wish to express my thanks to your Team for their assistance in bringing [Patient] back from hospital in Morocco. In particular the actions of both [Employee] and [Employee], although everyone I interacted with was excellent in combining an understanding of the stress we were under with ensuring that the best possible actions for ensuring [Patient] welfare were taken. I should add that the journey home was also arranged with the utmost efficiency.

When my wife fractured her shoulder that we had to make an insurance claim for the first time in our lives. Every time we spoke over the phone they were caring, supportive, and actually interested in the wellbeing of my wife, and not just about how much money it would cost your company... We have used you again since (luckily not had to make a claim this time), and will continue to do so for all of our future travels, in addition to recommending your services to all of our friends and family. Thanks for smashing the negative reputation insurance companies tend to have, and actually caring about your clients.

Yesterday I injured my knee skiing and the injury threw my travel plans into disarray. It was no longer an easy matter to simply board my flight home, because my leg is now immobilised in a brace. Throughout the better part of this morning and afternoon, [Employee] made multiple calls to various agents and then back to me to relay information on a plan to get me home. This was no simple matter, because the recent strike in France means that most flights out of Geneva and back to England are full. Somehow, [Employee] found me a flight back to Bristol tonight, which meant I could avoid having to look for a new hotel (I only have accommodation through today). He also arranged road transport to the airport and then from Bristol to London once I arrive, as well as wheelchair on both ends of my flight. On every call [Employee] was polite, patient and kind and speaking with him really eased the associated stress of my injury. I Hope you can reward him somehow for his superlative customer service.

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