Our Ethics

There are moral and ethical challenges insurers face, which are not limited to just financial impact to our customers, but to our customers welfare and safety.

We know that what we do is important, that it matters and that it makes a difference.

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The UK Insurance industry has not endeared itself over the years to consumers – We therefore understand at a time of vulnerability it’s hard for customers to put their trust in a financial services organisation – But whilst we are a business, we are also human

'The moral insurance company'

Sounds unlikely, but it’s what we do and have been doing for over twenty years. We operate differently, with very good reason and that is the best possible chance of good clinical outcome for our customer.

As we have grown, we have witnessed an increasing amount of immoral and unethical practices around the world. This has made us passionate and determined to make a stand to change things for the better.

We are not the only company in the industry that are aware of these issues, but we believe we are the only one currently prepared to tackle the problems.

The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men

- Henry David Thoreau

Our customer testimonials

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We have outlined Our Stance into key areas of concern, which are as follows:

Optimal Care

Corrupt practices; obscene overtreatment, risk of clinical harm and unlawful activity. We highlight our experiences and the action we are taking.

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Air Ambulances

It’s not always the answer. We outline the What, When and Why of an Air Ambulance.

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Premature Babies

Timing is everything. We discuss our considerations for premature babies abroad.

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your stories

We have real case studies that are quite frankly horror stories. We want you to be aware of these situations, so you can at the very least choose to protect yourselves, whether you are insured by us or not.

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